Anger Management

My 8 month old baby was hungry and wanted to breastfeed. He expressed his need and I understood clearly but as he was not crying yet, I thought I will clear the mess on the bed to lie down properly. I made him lie down and started cleaning. He started crying. I quickly got into the position to feed him but before he could begin I felt he is going to take a long time so I ran towards the kitchen a gulp a glass of water and rushed back to the bed. But those 30 seconds made him angry and he screamed on top of his voice. Within a second I started feeding him. As soon as he had some milk, he was calm again and started playing with my clothes and touching my face very lovingly. He smiled at me and I kissed him.

LESSON : He was angry as he was hungry. As soon as he got what he wanted, he was no more angry. Moreover his anger vanished instantly, he did not continue to be angry thinking about what happened and blaming me for the mismanagement.

We adults just cannot let a negative emotion go. We hold on to grudges and anger for so long even when their purpose is resolved. For example if I am angry with my husband as he is getting late and I am waiting for him for something important. Technically as soon as he is home my need is fulfilled and I shouldn’t be angry anymore. But what do we do, just continue with our anger and start blaming.

Lets learn this from our kids. stop being  angry at the very instant when the situation that made you angry changed.

Kids are the best teachers, they bring the natural perspective to our lives. Open your heart to receive knowledge from them more than imparting them with our knowledge which is conditioned by the world we live in. Listen to what these little wonders tell us.

Have a great day!

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